Hollywood Screams, a Tribute to Horror Movies

Tom Willett: Instrumental and Novelty Songs
This digital musical album which is available from CDBaby has at least one song for the Horror movie fans. It is a tune called Zombie Party Song, Happy Death Day to You. There is a free preview of each track at CDBaby. The tracks can be downloaded from CDBaby individually or as an album. The songs are sung, played and produced by the Webmaster of Hollywood Screams. Have fun. Thanks.

Hollywood's Horror Festival

On these pages you will find free stories and references about some of the Hollywood Creature Features, Fright Films, Scary Scenes and Teen Terror Tales. Whether you like the Drama of Dracula or the Fright of Frankenstein or the King size of Kong and his monster friends, you probably will find a movie to love or hate here. Also TV programming that went into the darker zones and sci-fi areas will be covered. Have fun.

If you happen to collect movie posters or autographs of movie villains and monster characters you already know what the fuss is all about. Some of the famous and near famous actors of B grade movies are in demand at autograph shows around the country. They have photos which they autograph for their many fans. They usually sit behind a table on which they display glossy pictures and posters and DVD videos of their monster and horror days.

Horror Hotel Trailer

This is a movie trailer for a Christopher Lee horror film. This will be fun for most ages.

Old time sci-fi


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The A List of Fright

Tom Willett: Green, Green Air of Home
This song which is available for downloading at CDBaby is called Green, Green Air of Home. It is a parody of Green, Green Grass of Home. It is a comedy song I (your Webmaster) wrote in 1967. This version was recorded in 1988 in Southern California. It is available for a free preview.

They Made Us Scream

If you have ever gathered around the kitchen table or a campfire for ghost story telling, you know there are some who have a better knack for bringing the stories to life. Zombies and ghosts might be dead but their adventures need to be lively.

The brains and beauty of scary movies and frightening TV shows are often legendary characters with huge fan followings. Some are known for comedic fright scenes and others can make the heart beat faster just by a snarl. Here are some lists and pages with more info about horror movie heroes. Not all movie stars made a living by being just another pretty face.

The links below will take you to some familiar and not so familiar names in the world of movie and TV horror.

The Directors

The Actors and Actresses

The Writers

The Movies

The TV Shows

The True Hollywood Scream Stories

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