Hollywood Screams, The Classics

Some movies are very finely made with huge budgets in Hollywood. Once in a while a horror film gets some major star power in front of the lens and behind the scenes directing or writing. Most of the scary movies have moderate to low budgets. These films and TV shows are what the webmaster rates as the very best. I am sure I forgot to mention some title and I will continue to check with other sources to come up with additions to this list.


Classic from 1931 with Boris Karloff. It introduced the movie monster with sound and special effects. It was preceded by many films from the silent era but this was the first major talkie which could be considered a modern movie. Acting was less staged than was necessary in the silent era. The story, makeup and acting are all first rate and it should still be a believable experience for those who have not yet watched it.


Original sound version with Bela Lugosi is the model for all Dracula and most vampire movies that followed. Bela could smile before killing. The use of wardrobe, such as Bela's cape and formal attire gave a credibility to his royal stature. Even as a gentleman he could be feared. He was one of Hollywood's biggest stars in the 1930s.


Halloween started a franchise of films. Not all Halloween offerings were good but the first one was great. One of the all time best horror movies.

The Twilight Zone (TV Show)

Television had some great movies and episodes of series. The Twilight Zone was certainly the best of the horror and sci-fi stories presented with great actors week after week. Rod Serling was the writer of many of the shows and the show's narrator. His presense was like a host who introduced to the viewer what was about to happen, but the viewer knew there would be surprises.

Invasion of the Body Snatchers

Invasion of the Body Snatchers, the original from 1956 is a great movie even with the holes in the storyline. It is black and white. It is superbly acted and filmed. There are glimpses of small town America and modern cars of that era of the mid 1950s. The story builds nicely. You will never trust an ipod again.

There is also a movie called The Body Snatcher with both Boris Karloff and Bela Lugosi which scores very highly with viewers. I would not recommend the remake of Invasion of the Body Snatchers with Donald Sutherland from 1978. It missed the mark for me.

Friday the 13th

Fridays will never be the same. There were some films with this title as far back as 1911 but I did not see them. Friday the Thirteenth, the 1980 original is probably the best liked of the many Friday the Thirteenth offerings. The music is one of the attractions of this film.

King Kong

The A List of Fright

Horror Parade


Hitchcock at his best. Tony Perkins at his best. Janet Leigh in her most surprising role. This is truly a classic. Black and white and very high budget for its time. There were many sci-fi offereings in 1960 but Hitchcock had a way of riding above the wave and being taken very seriously by patrons of the high class movie joints.

Night of the Living Dead

Sensational title that keeps kids from asking, "Mommy, what's this about?" Zombies who bypassed acting school and went straight for the boarded up windows. If you have not watched this, you simply have to get a copy somewhere. It is actually a good movie with OK acting and a story that starts right away and goes all the way to the end. Very tense situations in this script.

Texas Chain Saw Massacre

Another fine scary, creepy film with great acting and storyline. The plot introduces us to a home filled with an interesting family about to have dinner. This is a movie which probably caused many would be producers to pop up from small towns with the goal to make something equally good. Hollywood is everywhere if you have some actors and a camera and a little bit of daylight or an old van's headlights.

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