Hollywood Screams, Lost Gems, 2

Maybe these are found gems, not lost gems. These are the unknown horror or scary movies which have not been in the spotlight. Some of these you might have watched. These slipped through the cracks for most fans of scream movies.

City of the Dead

Also known as Horror Hotel. This one has the great Christopher Lee as a bad guy, which he is able to portray so well. Witches have managed to take over a nice New England town and mess with the tourists.

Slumber Party Massacre

Now we are getting somewhere. Whoever thought up this title should have been given at least ten percent of the profits. What could possibly be better than nudity and gore at a slumber party for starlets? This one gets high marks for everything. Slashing and humor and good production values all are in stock for this beautiful presentation. And there is pizza. What slasher film is not better with pizza? All this one needs is a gorilla.


Kevin Bacon is great when he's good. In this one he is great and so he is spectacular. Kevin will save us from that earthworm or whatever it is. Reba McIntire might sound like an odd choice for an actress in a scary monster movie with a realistic feel, but she is also great... and believable. This is a monster that will grab you, well maybe not grab, but it will eat you in a gulp. Thirsty looking town with Fred Ward as the handyman. If ever we needed a handyman, we need him now.

Donnie Darko

Sounds like a good title for a spaghetti Western. This movie is basically weird but with compelling images and characters and disaster as the main plot element. While the cast is mostly famous for love story type roles, this is a very dark storyline which is leading us closer and closer, step by step to maybe the end of the world.

The Blob

Steve McQueen's first movie, The Blob still has a lot going for it. It is an easy to understand teens vs monster, small town flick. This was the first movie with this kind of creature, so it has historical value. I have not watched the remakes. I saw the original in the theater when it came out. I was not disappointed. This one should be better known.

The Fly

Two versions of The Fly are available. Al (David) Hedison stars in the original with Vincent Price. The remake has Jeff Goldblum and Geena Davis. Both get high ratings and should be seen.


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The Beyond

Lucio Fulci was a director who enjoyed a nice eyeball popping out at you. I would not eat boiled eggs at his house. This movie is considered to be a classic by many gore buffs. It can be very expensive, about $100 for a new DVD. There are lower cost used and different types of packages. The viewer is warned against buying the VHS because it might not have a clear copy.

Puppet Master

The seven movie boxset is only $499. That's four hundred ninety-nine dollars. All reports are that it is a good movie. I have not seen it and I would not recommend paying that much for the pleasure, but, if you have the time and you don't mind the cost you can join an elite group of movie viewers.


This is a Hitchcock movie that has a lot going for it. It begins with a murder and then becomes creepy. There is one long, long camera shot which looks like it goes for 95% of the movie without a cut. The camera does occasionally need to be reloaded and to make that possible an actor will walk toward the camera and then away and the cut occurs when the actor is against the camera. This is a nice little realistic dead body in a trunk movie.


Considered a classic from Italian director, Dario Argento. This is a biggie with over the top set design and great music. If you like to have your movie assault you while you are setting in the audience, this is the one to watch and listen to the score.

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