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Not every movie in the horror arena is great. Some are slightly less than great. Some miss it ever so slightly. Some horror movies, even some gore movies and a few of the special effects movies are... crap. Can we say that here? Yes. It is OK. Scary movies can be scary to watch for more than one reason.

Bug Buster

I love this movie even though it sucks goose feathers. I worked in Bug Buster in the scene with the band Trailer Park Trash. I was the keyboard player for that group. I also arranged the music at the recording session. I was fortunate enough not to have written the song.

Bug Buster misses its mark and goes off in some silly direction. That happens right after the opening credits. It is about big bugs. The holes in the script were possibly caused by bug bites.

Bug Buster is well worth watching on Bad Movie Night. It is a good fun film for popcorn throwing and talking back to the screen. It is not as good a bad movie as Manos, Hands of Fate, but what is? Watch Bug Buster. I dare you.

Manos, Hands of Fate

When Siskel and Ebert reviewed Manos, Hands of Fate, it was so bad they cut off their thumbs. Few movies can match Manos for a dirty, dingy look. There is a sofa where a kid is sleeping which looks like it was used by the losing team at the National Food Fight Convention. The couch is a dirty mess. The story is brilliantly crafted as a lonely road/lost family/vampire cult/thirty five year old teen age lovers/dirty couch/big dog movie with a twist. The twist is a cat fight. Dames slugging it out slowly in bad lighting. I can't hear their dialog but my guess is they are saying, "You wrote this." "No I didn't. You did." "You directed this." "No I didn't. You did." This is a very, very poor movie, but one good thing is nobody ever had to wait in line to see it. Bad movie.

Robot Monster

The monster is very, very lame. A gorilla suit with a diving helmet. One or the other might have worked. If you see this in a theater you will not be able to get your admission price back because you will burst into laughter if you mention the movie. Robot Monster is an example of what happens when a junk dealer meets a costume shop owner and they decide to work together on a movie.


A classic example of how to make a movie and get it released, even if you don't really have a movie or a script. An unfinished movie was bought and some narration was added and it either was released or it crawled out from under the seats in the dark theater. Considered by some to be the worst movie, if it qualifies as a movie.


The B List of Fright

More Schlock

The Giant Claw

A particularly unbelieveable monster puppet. Make that a dumb bird thing that is supposed to be the creature. The bird attacks planes. The bird is big like a battleship but it hides and attacks. If that doesn't scare you, nothing will.

Beast of Yucca Flats

This is a great movie where the top government officials ride around together in low cost five year old station wagons. Tor Johnson was never lovelier than when he goes mad and removes his suit jacket as he heads across the desert. Think of the great desert movie scenes. Ben Hur, Lawrence of Arabia and Beast of Yucca Flats.

Plan 9 From Outer Space

Just barely bad enough to make the list of worst movies. It is at least a movie with a sort of plot and script and attempted acting. It is actually historically worthwhile to save this one as a look at 1950s US courage at movie making. Make the movie now. Don't rewrite. This is good enough.

Schlock 2


Schlock 2

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