Hollywood Screams, Titles

This is not listed in any particular order. These are titles at random of movies and TV movies and TV shows which have content suitable for screaming.

The Shining

Jack Nicholson, Shelley Duvall Scatman Crothers. Great camera work and excellent script. Very tense at times with building creepiness.


A really well done scary movie that seems to be from Hitchcock. Great work by a wonderful cast of actors and actresses who seem to be for real. It all takes place at a boy's school. Black and white with a feel of danger.


An excellent movie that builds nicely. Nice little furry creatures that multiply. Rats. This is one of those suburban neighborhood, normal population, suddenly thrust into scream territory.

King Kong

The original version was by far the best. The follow up remakes were helmed by directors who thought Kong was about special effects, and they loused up the story and the characters.

The Night Stalker

Darren McGavin manages to find a few laughs along the way, but this is a great vampire film. Great scenes of early 1970s Las Vegas and a fine cast add to the enjoyment. Made for TV, but great.

A Nightmare on Elm Street

One of the best movie bad guys, Freddy, and Johnny Depp in the original version of this franchise. John Gavin is good as the serious policeman.


Prom night jitters and Sissy gets red in the face. Great cast and directing.


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Lights Out

A scary TV show from the 1940s. It will probably be difficult to find any good copies. It preceded Twilight Zone by many years.

The Beast With Five Fingers

Peter Lorre is scary just when he says, "hello." In this movie there is a good scary story and some great effects.

The Haunting

Great cast. They could do any movie well.

The Blob

All Blobish movies have been based on the Steve McQueen classic.

The Amityville Horror

Real Estate buyer's remorse.


See it if you haven't Saw it.

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