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The first series on TV which were sci-fi in nature had very low budgets. It was actually necessary to write well and act well in those primitive days. The cameras made it easier for the actors since they looked like giant monsters.

Lights Out

Presented by Admiral with only one commercial interruption. The show was usually good and scary. It was very early TV. Black and white with video quality that was nowhere near what we demand today. The actors were top notch stage performers, most with recognizable names.

Twilight Zone

Certainly considered TV's best horror, sci-fi, scream out loud TV series of all time. Rod Serling was the man behind and in front of the camera throughout the run of the great series. The best actors worked for much less than what they would eventually be paid for TV and film appearances. That must have been true horror.

The Outer Limits

Outer Limits was a 1960s US TV offering which was somewhat like Twilight Zone. The Outer Limits had great actors and writers and a nice budget for that era. It focused more on sci-fi than horror but monsters could pop up on the shows.

The Night Stalker

Kolchak: The Night Stalker was the TV series modeled after the characters we loved to watch in the original TV movie, The Night Stalker. The first TV movie was written by Jeff Rice who attended Las Vegas High School. The action took place in Las Vegas for the first movie and it became a great success for ABC TV.

Tales From The Crypt

Different shows and stories every week kept this show very fresh. Not every show was creepy or scary enough to become a classic, but every avenue of creature and situation was explored. Good acting and directing.


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Steven Spielberg gave a try at doing a weekly series with a Twilight Zone feel and a big budget. It just didn't work. Most of the shows had good, well known actors in the cast. Most were well directed. Steven Spielberg directed one of the shows.

Night Gallery

This was another wonderful series which starred Rod Serling, now famous for his Twilight Zone persona. Rod Serling wrote many of the episodes and narrated the show. This series never received the acclaim that Twilight Zone had earned. There were well known actors and directors involved during the show's three year run.

Mystery Science Theater 3000

Mystery Science Theater 3000 or MST3K is unlike anything on TV or the horror or science fiction arena. It is what it would be like to sit behind three chatty individuals in a movie theater while a wonderful bad sci-fi or horror movie is playing. This series uses old public domain movies as a background to comment on, much like a weather forecaster uses the map of an oncoming storm for his commentary. Only one of the chatty viewers is human. If you are a cult fan of this show it is a riot. If you have not watched it, I recommend it for big laughs.

The X-Files

Another big hit show for Fox TV. It launched big careers for the lead actors. Consistently good, movie big screen effects and stories kept the shows ratings high.

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