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Some of the best recent movies were written in part by people who died many years ago. There have been books written about monsters and ghosts for many centuries. My guess is some caveman saw apparitions and drew memories of the scary creatures on the cave wall. Those might have been the first scary stories. Whenever it started, it has not yet stopped. Writers keep churning out great horror and monster pages of scripts for actors and actresses to bring to life.

Mary Shelley

Frankenstein was a doctor's name in Mary Shelley's book. She wrote about Frankenstein and his monster. Nowadays we call the monster Frankenstein. There have been many screenplays and adaptations of Mary Shelley's book and her great characters which should be with us as long as there is a camera and a director and a crew to add a new twist to the old tale.

Edgar Allan Poe

Vincent Price made several movies based on characters which first came to life in the writings of Edgar Allan Poe. He was the genius behind The Raven, The Pit and the Pendulum and The Fall of the House of Usher. He wrote many books which became screenplays for horror movies.

John Carpenter

Halloween and The Fog are two of John Carpenter's many screenplays. He also adapted other works and developed screenplays for movies such as Christine.

Rod Serling

Rod wrote screenplays and stories which became movies, but he is best known for the TV show, The Twilight Zone. Rod wrote most of the stories for that series. It is probably the favorite sci-fi/horror TV show of all time.

Robert Louis Stevenson

Stevenson wrote many great stories including Kidnapped which was made as a movie several times. His most famous work, which was used for TV and movie scripts with many variations was Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.

Stephen King

Carrie and Salem's Lot were written by Stephen King. He also was the author of The Shining and he worked with John Carpenter and Bill Phillips to bring his novel Christine to the screen. Add Creepshow and Cujo to the list and there were many more.


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More Writers

Wes Craven

Nightmare on Elm Street and it's sequels came from Wes Craven's pen or typewriter. Wes also wrote and directed The Hills Have Eyes.

Ray Bradbury

Ray wrote science fiction for many years. He was a contributing writer to the best early scary TV show Lights Out and he also wrote for Twilight Zone. Ray wrote Something Wicked This Way Comes which was made into a movie starring Jason Robards, JR.

H G Wells

Things to Come, The Invisible Man and War of the World's were among the futuristic and sci-fi novels of H G Wells which became movies. The most successful of his writings to become a movie was probably The Time Machine.

Bram Stoker

Dracula is a character who would seem to be able to fit into almost any era. Bram Stoker wrote the novel late in the 1800s. It first came to the screen as a silent movie called Nosferatu in 1922.

Anne Rice

Interview With The Vampire is the work of Anne Rice. She is one of the few lady writers of scream stories and also she is still active.

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